Better Gas Mileage

Better Gas Mileage

Better Gas Mileage 800 600 Ronys Car Pros

There are many ways to curb the amount you pay for gas each year.

Here are some of the more well-known ones:

– Keep unnecessary weight out of the car. (Empty your trunk!)

– Don’t take off from a dead stop too rapidly, and don’t brake abruptly if you can avoid it. Driving at a moderate speed saves gas overall.

– Highway/steady driving is better than city/frequent stopping.

– Use cruise control when possible.


Others that are less well-known:

– Fill up your gas when the air is still cool in the morning. Gas is thicker when cool and you will get more in a gallon than when it’s hot out because of the way pumps actually dispense the fuel. This doesn’t equate to better mileage but it does mean saving money for each gallon. Keeping your car properly tuned up maximizes fuel efficiency.

– Keeping the tires properly inflated per the car’s specs.

– In a manual transmission car, drive in the highest gear possible for the speed you are going. The car doesn’t have to strain or push when in a high gear for the speed traveled.

– Limit drag on the vehicle from roof racks, bikes etc.

– Have a Fuel Injection service done.

– Change your air filter whenever it’s dirty or clogged.

– Close the gas cap tightly.

Rony is the ultimate “fix-it” guy. From early childhood his passion was understanding how things work, and fixing anything that was broken. Rony began his technical training as a teen at the BMW dealer in Guatemala City. After immigrating to the US, Rony continued his education in mechanics and quickly built a solid client base. His dream to have his own shop became reality in 1999, first on Venice Blvd, and then just 2 years later at the current location on Washington Place. In 2008 he opened the second location in Culver City near National Blvd, where he has established a robust collision and mechanical business. He loves getting to know his clients personally as well fixing their vehicles. On the personal side, Rony is a great father, actively raising his 4 children, in addition to refereeing soccer for AYSO and high school teams. He loves to travel internationally and appreciates excellent cuisine.

Rachel grew up near Culver City, and was fortunate enough to live in Argentina and France Before meeting & marrying Rony. She graduated from UCSB and prepared for entrepreneurship with training from Bank of America, and later with the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program. The first shop was opened the same year as their first child was born, so she has always had to balance her time between caring for their children and the business administrative duties. She too loves to travel internationally, riding bikes and dancing. Rony & Rachel have learned to blend their many complimentary talents, and this successful growing business is the result.