Oil & Filter Changes

Oil & Filter Changes

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The critical parts of your engine are lubricated, cleaned and cooled by your car’s oil and filter. They both need to be changed in regular intervals to keep your engine clean on the inside. Things like dust, metallic shavings, condensation & even anti-freeze can contaminate motor oil. It is best to refer to your car manufacturer’s manual for their suggested oil-change interval schedule.

Should you go with synthetic oil??

Background: Oil breaks down due to usage, time and contaminants. When oil breaks down, it is no longer an effective coolant or lubricant for your engine. And it can convert into sludge which of course can block oil passages and effectively ruin the engine.

Comparison: Regular oil breaks down between 3000 –7000 miles driven, or within 6 months no matter the miles driven. This oil deterioration is further accelerated 1.) in hotter climates, 2.) in higher elevations (over 10,000 feet), 3.) if you drive only short trips whereby the oil doesn’t get warm enough to burn off moisture/impurities, & 4.) your car idles for long periods of time.

Synthetic oil breaks down between 7,500 –10,000/15,000 miles driven, and its oil molecules never wear out, only the additives do. It is designed to work in high heat and extreme cold so it resists deterioration due to extreme temps. It is also designed for turbo-charged and or high-performance engines. Some car manufacturers require this oil for its superior effectiveness. So, assuming your car manufacturer does not require synthetic oil, you should consider your driving habits/conditions, your mileage over time, and how frequently you prefer to have your oil replaced when making the decision between regular and synthetic engine oil. Stated another way, there are some clients who can save money with regular oil, depending on the above listed situations, and others will save money with synthetic oil. Just always remember that keeping your engine clean, cooled and well lubricated is the best way to maximize the life of your engine.

**Other car fluids may also require periodic replacement as well. For example, the majority of automatic transmission failures are heat related, and automatic transmission fluid breaks down rapidly when subjected to high temperatures. In addition to oil changes Rony’s Car Pros offers Transmission Fluid flushes, A/C Fluid flushes, Brake Fluid flushes, Power Steering flushes & Fuel Injection flushes.

Rony is the ultimate “fix-it” guy. From early childhood his passion was understanding how things work, and fixing anything that was broken. Rony began his technical training as a teen at the BMW dealer in Guatemala City. After immigrating to the US, Rony continued his education in mechanics and quickly built a solid client base. His dream to have his own shop became reality in 1999, first on Venice Blvd, and then just 2 years later at the current location on Washington Place. In 2008 he opened the second location in Culver City near National Blvd, where he has established a robust collision and mechanical business. He loves getting to know his clients personally as well fixing their vehicles. On the personal side, Rony is a great father, actively raising his 4 children, in addition to refereeing soccer for AYSO and high school teams. He loves to travel internationally and appreciates excellent cuisine.

Rachel grew up near Culver City, and was fortunate enough to live in Argentina and France Before meeting & marrying Rony. She graduated from UCSB and prepared for entrepreneurship with training from Bank of America, and later with the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program. The first shop was opened the same year as their first child was born, so she has always had to balance her time between caring for their children and the business administrative duties. She too loves to travel internationally, riding bikes and dancing. Rony & Rachel have learned to blend their many complimentary talents, and this successful growing business is the result.