December 11, 2018

Car Tips


Gas Saving Tips:

     Did you know that if you take all that unnecessary stuff you may be carrying around in your car, you can save about a tankful of gas in a year?

     Maintain the maximum tire pressure recommended for your tires for best fuel economy.  Also, proper wheel alignment extends the life of your tires as well as saving gas.

     Using your air-conditioner can reduce fuel economy by 10-20%. So drive with the windows down as much as possible when driving at relatively slow speeds.  Keep the windows closed at higher speeds to prevent wind drag (which also reduces fuel economy).

     Try to drive at a consistent speed.  Accelerating and speeding burns a lot of gas. Every 5 mph over 60 mph costs about 21 cents per gallon.  So if you spend $2.90 per gallon, it would be as if you paid $3.11 a gallon at 65 mph, or $3.33 at 70 mph!



Check Engine Light Worries:

     If your check engine light comes on while driving, or stays on, your vehicle may have an emissions or sensor problem, and should be diagnosed by a professional technician.

     If the light flashes, the problem is more serious, and must be checked immediately to prevent catalytic converter damage, or other damage.

     This light does not mean that your car needs a tune-up.  Your mechanic can tell you that!



Car Common Sense:

     The saying "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" can be translated to "A few dollars spent on maintenance can save hundreds of dollars in repairs!"  Whether is fluids, belts, hoses, or even tires, trust your vehicle's Owner's Guide and your mechanic to tell you when it's time for a change.  Our business is built on longevity of relationships, not just today's sale. We do not recommend unnecessary services, but rather required and or prudent ones!